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Ice Hockey Gear - Is it Getting Too Expensive?                           

By: James J Phillips
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In our current economic times, everyone is trying to reduce spending as much as possible. Discretionary spending is almost a forgotten term. Salaries are being reduced and jobs are being lost. We are more sensitive with our food and entertainment budgets, our charitable donations have been cut way back, and in general we are "trimming the fat".

Yet, I have noticed parents trying to keep pace with ice hockey expenses for their children. There are the league fees, the hockey skates, the hockey sticks, helmets, pants, face masks and the list goes on. Double A hockey is more expensive than single A, and Triple A hockey is more expensive than double A. Many Triple A families are being forced to drop to double A to save money.

What are the hockey manufacturers doing about it? The hockey manufacturers don't really seem that interested in lowering their prices because those guys in the boardroom have profit quotas to meet.

What is a parent to do?

One suggestion would be to try a smaller, quality hockey equipment manufacturer. There are two that come to mind but there are others. These companies are located in Canada, have been around a long time, and make an excellent product, which cost less than the large corporate brands. Hockey manufacturers like these claim the money they save on high end endorsements is put back into their products and the customer's pocket.

Generally, you will find these smaller type companies will carry a full line of ice skates, and some of the other hockey equipment that we as parents purchase. If you examine the construction quality of their ice hockey skates, you will observe that they stand up to scrutiny. These manufacturers even have patents and patents pending for their products including first fit technology, and their ankle support systems.

In conclusion, I would suggest you surf the web. There are so many sites that sell ice hockey equipment, and look for the alternative manufacturers. Keep shopping til you are convinced you have the best deal.

I hope this article has helped you during these difficult economic times, and don't forget, the bottom line is to be a shrewd consumer.

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Our family is involved in Ice hockey and roller hockey throughout the year. Over many years we have travelled the East Coast, and parts of Canada to participate in state, region and national tournaments.

Since we are so dedicated to hockey, and spend so much time with the sport, I decided to look at hockey eqipment manufacturers that would give parents another choice other than the more expensive, popular brands of ice hockey equipment.

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